Now is the time, this is the mission, and the right place is here in Saranac Lake.

TRUDEAU 3.0 – the modernization of our commitment to global health and the transformation of our institutional operating platform – is now fully underway!

Along with SUNY Upstate Medical University’s Center for Global Health and Translational Science and Professor William Jacobs of Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Einstein-Montefiore, we have initiated the Trudeau Research Network, a new operating model based on world-caliber networking partnerships, and we are now positioned to deliver life-changing medicine from our longtime home here in the Adirondacks. Trudeau Institute now serves as the hub of a rapid-response capability to tackle emerging diseases, pandemic viruses (e.g., Zika), and drug-resistant super-bacteria, which afflict veterans and civilians alike. And, importantly, we will expand and equip our special teams to lead the fight against drug-resistant TB.

I am confident that, along with the continued commitment of our most loyal friends and supporters, we are poised to TRANSFORM MEDICINE TOGETHER, while also preserving, honoring, and extending the Trudeau family legacy of advancing human health.

By partnering with us at this time, you too can make it possible to attack those 21st century infectious diseases that: threaten both public health and national security; affect travelers, Manhattan dwellers, and those in other global crossroads around our planet; and that plague soldiers and veterans, hospital personnel, and the elderly. You can help make eradicating these infectious threats an urgent national priority.

We must act boldly to stabilize this “Trudeau Renaissance” – a special enterprise taking place right here in Saranac Lake. Please join with us by making a generous gift at this key moment in our grand history, so that Trudeau Institute and the Trudeau Research Network can provide the scientific advances to defeat these existential threats and to secure our continued legacy of scientific achievement and medical advances from our home here in the Adirondacks.

For the sake of future generations, I thank you and pledge my tireless efforts on behalf of Trudeau Institute.


Atsuo Kuki, Ph.D.  President and Director