Animal Facilities

The animal facilities at Trudeau Institute total approximately 12,190ft2 of AAALAC accredited animal holding and support space. The EAM and Stafford Wings are conveniently located adjacent to the research laboratories and animal holding rooms have attached or proximal procedure rooms. Housing for experimental models includes ABSL-1, ABSL-2, and ABSL-3 conditions, and a quarantine area is available. The animal facilities have been fully AAALAC accredited for over 35 years; the most recent site visit was in March 2016. The animal facilities are regularly inspected by the NYS DOH, the USDA, and CDC. Trudeau Institute’s Animal Welfare Assurance is on file with OLAW. We currently have an 8-member IACUC committee that meets at minimum four times a year and performs all animal protocol oversight and semi-annual facilities/program inspections. Eighty percent of animal care staff are certified at the AALAS Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician level or higher. Veterinary care is provided on a daily basis by animal care staff, 2 animal health technicians, and by an attending veterinarian..